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Find Funds' thorough and insightful approach was exactly what we needed. This, complemented by her resourcefulness and challenging thinking, helped us to narrow the gap between where we were as an organisation, and where we needed to be. This is now leading to positive results. It was also imperative that we worked to a tight timescale, and Find Funds' commitment and dedicated focus to our organisation meant that we achieved a great deal in a short time.

Feminist Library - Find Funds

Barbara's advice has helped us, as a small organisation, to reassess our operations and think strategically about how best to move forward. This has led us to launch new initiatives which are promoting the Library and increasing support for our work. This is giving us a firmer base for our future activities.

Feminist Library - Find Funds

Gail Chester - Chair,
Feminist Library

Find Funds and Barbara made us ask questions about ourselves as to how we can improve our services for the elderly. This was about more than just finding funds, it was the beginning of a process of transformation for us. Find Funds asked tough questions, which enabled us to re-establish the financial viability of our organisation, thereby helping the Day Centre to develop and grow. We have been exceptionally pleased with Find Funds' commitment and genuine interest in our Charity.

Fr. Mark McIntyre - St. Gabriel's Day Centre, Walsall

We would recommend Find Funds to any organisation looking to raise money for its work in the complex environment of charitable trusts.  The Director enabled our organisation to become aware of our strengths and weaknesses and to identify the core issues. Find Funds develops a well-structured plan tailored to the particular nature of each organisation on how to move forward.

FRS - Find Funds
Frances Rifkin - Director, Utopia Arts