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As a start-up Charity, the advice given by Find Funds was invaluable. They helped us to focus strategically on our operational framework . They produced an excellent Case for Support and carried out a Prospect Review, preparing the ground to enable us make approaches for pump-priming, to fund medical research into children’s cancer drugs. 

St Mary's Hospice - Find Funds
Cesare Spadoni - CEO,
aPODD – (accelerating Paediatric Oncological Drug Development)

I have known Barbara Welford since her work at Symphony Hall, so when I needed a professional to help me with a fundraising project I knew exactly who to contact. This was a completely new area for me and it was extremely reassuring to work with Find Funds, who knows their way about. Down to earth, straight talking and the complete professional, Barbara's approach has made me look at our organisation anew. It is a pleasure to work with people who are so knowledgeable and experienced.

St Mary's Hospice - Find Funds Audrey Winkler - Chairman, Framework Knitters Museum,

At Women’s Aid we wanted to recruit a fundraising post to assist in meeting the challenges of the present harsh economic climate. We found Find Funds, and found Barbara’s expertise very useful in relation to all areas of the recruitment process, such as devising the job description, knowing where to advertise etc. She was particularly helpful on the panel and was able to hone in on the candidates’ fundraising experience relevant to us at Women’s Aid. As a consequence, with Find Funds’ help, we now have a good fundraiser working for us.

Birmingham and Solihull, Womens Aid - Find Funds
Maureen Connolly - CEO, Birmingham
& Solihull Women’s Aid

Find Funds helped us to consider fundraising in a systematic, strategic and professional way. They encouraged us to take a good look at ourselves and think through exactly what we were aspiring to achieve and the tasks facing us.

We would highly recommend Find Funds to any organisation that is serious about raising money. Find Funds can help any layperson to understand the basics of fundraising and support the team through the many stages from initial concept to finished project.

FRS - Find Funds
Debra Brunner, Finchley Reform Synagogue Rebuilding Fundraising Team